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Tinkergarten helps families get outside to make the most of their kids’ early learning years. Join us and get expert-led classes, weekly curriculum, and practical guidance to build outdoor play-based learning into your child’s weekly routine.

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What is Tinkergarten?


Just for 2 to 5

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What Families are Saying:

Loved it!  Simply contagious. 💞; [our Leader] kept the class moving, she modeled play, and gave me ideas as a parent on how to build imaginative play.

Tinkergarten is a great way to spark play. It is full of so many great ideas and supports for families. We look forward to circle time every week. 

After class, [my son] decided to gather, paint, and arrange his sticks as decorations for our porch. This easily turned into over an hour of play. He has also become a stick collector on our morning walks. 

[Our Leader] makes it fun and interactive! Love the activity ideas and sharing with other families. Songs are great too!

So many families are struggling during this time to come up with ideas, keep busy, and keep kids learning. I am excited to lead and offer a sense of community, connection and outdoor play.  

—Hannah, Tinkergarten Leader


Our Next Series 


Problem Solving

Our Tinkergarten outdoor, play-based learning program combines weekly online sessions with an at home curriculum to make purposeful outdoor play a part of every family’s routine.

In our upcoming three month series, we’ll foster kids’ problem-solving skills by helping them see the outdoors as their science lab. We'll do it all through a hands-on, weekly virtual session led by a Certified Tinkergarten Leader and the at home curriculum kids need to continue learning independently outdoors all week long

Runs January through March, 2021. Enrolling now!

Leaders take time to get to know each child and adapt our approach to best fit the child's interests, strengths and needs. We also tailor our live classes towards two different age groups: 2 to 5 and 5 to 8. 

What makes a 2 to 5 class different?

  • Verbal and non verbal instruction are delivered at a gradual pace and supported with repetition. 
  • Nature content we share is accessible and assumes no prior knowledge. 
  • Play activities are open-ended, supporting a wide range of physical skills.

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How to Enroll

Step 1: Find the live class that works for you

Step 2: Enroll in the series 

You can enroll for just one season for $49/month for 3 months for the whole family. 


Become a Tinkergarten Member and save 25% off this and every series, be guaranteed your choice of leader and class, and can cancel anytime. So Problem Solving becomes $36.75/month for 3 months. Learn more.

No-Stress Enrollment: Phew! You can transfer classes at any time if your schedule changes once the series kicks off.  



Classes for

Ages 2 to 5


Peek at the Curriculum


Download our Problem Solving series map to get a sneak peek at our lessons and learning goals for kids, and read up on why Problem Solving is such an important skill.