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What is Tinkergarten?

Tinkergarten helps families get outside to make the most of their kids’ early learning years. Designed by education experts and loved by families, our play-based outdoor curriculum guides parents in raising healthy, confident, and capable kids.

Focus Skill: Communication

Each week of Tinkergarten is designed to help kids develop one of 8 important skills. This summer, Camp Tinkergarten is all about Communication!

Good communication requires a symphony of physical, cognitive and social skills. And, the more practice the better.

All summer, we'll support you with resources to better understand how kids learn to communicate and how to use play time to boost kids’ communication skills.


Stay In The Loop

A Summer Of Playful Learning

With weekly lessons like critter camp, space camp and pretend campout, kids will connect to the Earth while their imaginations soar! 

Setting Up "Camp" 

We'll help you create three simple play centers to establish routines that will encourage play all summer long.

Camp Sampler

A new camp play theme each week to get kids exploring, imagining and creating outdoors.

Let's Go Camping!

Get ready to “camp out” (or in!) and use all of our senses to savor the best of the camping experience.

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Camp Has 3 Fun Units:

Turn your outdoor space into a "camp" this summer!

Weeks 9-11

Weeks 1-3

Weeks 4-8