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We're leading the charge to help parents help their kids play safely together again – and with joy.

Playing Safely Together

WATCH: How Lobsters can teach kids to keep safe distance.

Time Outside is More Important Than Ever

Our Kids Need To Play Together. Is It Safe To Do Outdoors?
With the right approach, we can manage the risk.

Why Nature Is the Best Classroom
Nature is not only healthier, it's better for kids' learning too.

Taking Your "Vitamin N"
Why even just 2 hours outdoors per week improves health and happiness for kids and us!

The latest scoop on why time outdoors is essential for your family, especially today.


Watch Training Lesson 1:

"Creating A Play Space To Get Back Hours of Free Time"

What Kids Are Learning This Season – Creativity

WATCH: "Three Ways to Sustain Your Child's Creative Genius" 

Your guide to purposeful outdoor play

Independent Play Training

There's sleep training and potty training...but today, we could all use some Independent Play Training. We've got a whole series for you!

Watch Training Lesson 2:

"How to Invite and Inspire Kids to Play on their Own."

Join Online Circle Time

Starting in September, our new Online Circle Time class keeps your child connected to other kids and the outdoors. In our weekly online sessions, a certified Tinkergarten Leader will engage with your child and guide the group through an interactive experience filled with beloved Tinkergarten songs, movement, sharing and play. 

Plus, each week, YOU get our expert-designed activity guide, a live demo, and Q&A with your Leader to help you help your child unlock the power of purposeful play at home.

Learn More About Circle Time