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Time Outside is More Important Than Ever

Our Kids Need To Play Together. Is It Safe To Do Outdoors?
With the right approach, we can manage the risk.

Why Nature Is the Best Classroom
Nature is not only healthier, it's better for kids' learning too.

Taking Your "Vitamin N"
Why even just 2 hours outdoors per week improves health and happiness for kids and us!

The latest scoop on why time outdoors is essential for your family, especially today.


Watch Training Lesson 1:

"Creating A Play Space To Get Back Hours of Free Time"

What Kids Are Learning: Empathy

Independent Play Training

There's sleep training and potty training...but today, we could all use some Independent Play Training. We've got a whole series for you!

Watch Training Lesson 2:

"How to Invite and Inspire Kids to Play on their Own."

Your guide to purposeful outdoor play


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What's Included?

Our free monthly calendars include things you can do every day to add a little more outdoor play to life with kids. You'll also find ways to connect with this incredible community of outdoor playful families and Leaders! 

This Week: A timely theme for the outdoor fun we've teed up each week. 

Activity Links: Click to view easy DIY outdoor play activities that match our weekly themes.

#TGMoments: Those extra special days like “spring forward” and the first day of spring when we’ll come together as a community to play and share.

Tinker Talks: Live conversations with experts to support our grown ups.

Outdoor Play Tracker: A coloring sheet with 30 sprouts for kids to color in as they spend time playing outdoors!

And more!


Tinkergarten helps families get outside to make the most of their kids’ early learning years. Join us and get expert-led classes, weekly curriculum, and practical guidance to build outdoor play-based learning into your child’s weekly routine.

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