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Hooray for making The Fall Lantern Walk part of your year!

These resources are designed to help you create and enjoy your own Lantern Walk in the way that works best for you. Join our live events and please share as you prepare and walk! This year, we may not all be able to gather in-person, but we can still share in this special tradition together! 

Lantern walk Toolkit

Toolkit Contents

The Fall Lantern Walk has become a magical, annual tradition, designed to help kids big and small, welcome the end of daylight saving time (a.k.a. “fall back”) and learn to embrace this big, natural change with joy. This year, hundreds of thousands of people, big and small, will light their lanterns and head outside to walk, sing and enjoy the beauty of our little lights against the new fall darkness. This chance to feel connected to one another, our community and the natural world can provide us a lasting dose of hope to carry into the upcoming winter and the year of 2021!

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About The Lantern Walk

DIY Lantern Making

Traditional Jar Lantern

• DIY Activity

• How-To Video

Paper Maché Lantern on Instagram

Schedule of Live Events

Mon, Oct 26, 3pm ET

Walking Solo or As A Family

Walking With Friends and Neighbors

Walking With Your Broader Community


Download everything you need from DIY lantern-making directions, to special songs, to ideas for how to enjoy your Lantern Walk on your own or with those nearest and dearest.


Download everything you need to get the whole community aware and involved in a Lantern Walk, including images, flyers and easy ways to engage community groups to join in. Organize a group walk or try a Lantern Hunt in your area! You'll also find DIY lantern-making directions, special songs to ideas for how to make whichever type of Lantern Walk you plan special for your community.

Download everything you need to get friends and neighbors involved in a Lantern Walk, including images, flyers and sweet, easy ways to invite then to join—ideas like popping up your own lantern stand. You'll also find DIY lantern-making directions, special songs, and ideas for how to make Lantern Walk special with a local group.

This year, Tinkergarten will host virtual lantern walks. If you choose to walk in a group, please follow social distancing guidelines to keep everyone safe.

            Lantern Walk Week Kick Off                     Tinkergarten Founders

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                  Live Story Reading                        David from Sparkle Stories

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Weds, Oct 28, 7:30pm ET

Thurs, Oct 29, 11am ET

                  Poetry and Lantern Making                  Nicolette from Wilder Child

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Fri, Oct 30, 11am ET

                  Lantern Making Demo                         Carla from TG + Loose Parts Nature Play

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Sun, Nov 1, 2pm ET

            Lantern Walk Winners Announced          Tinkergarten Founders

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Sun, Nov 1, Dusk

            Lantern Walks Across the Country Share Photos and Stories

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