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Welcome to our Spring Creativity series! Scroll down to find resources designed to help you kick off the season!

Download your printable season map to track kids' progress throughout the season!

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Download your Spring Series Overview below or from the "Seasonal Resources" section of your Tinkergarten dashboard.

Plan Ahead

Have fun singing along with the Come to Tinkergarten song. Click below to watch the animated music video or listen to the audio!

Sing Ahead, Too!

Parenting is a wild business, full of funny moments we can all relate to. We'll keep teeing up short videos made to make you smile, laugh, and maybe learn a little, too. Check out our latest short videos just for grown ups:

We get it. Messy mud play is not always a grown up's dream. No matter how you and your kids feel about mud, you can still get all the goodness. It's just a matter of finding out your way to do mud play. 

Want more? Click here for ways to learn more about your child's mud mindset.

See even more Tinkergarten videos on our YouTube channel.

Most of today’s learning experiences for kids—school, camps, activities, and even toys—are targeted toward pretty narrow age ranges. But, throughout most of human history, kids have learned in mixed-age settings, and this kind of learning offers many unique benefits for both older and younger kids. Find out more about why!  

Have you ever noticed your child repeating a very particular -- and maybe even peculiar! -- behavior when they play? Though it might seem random to adults, this is actually common for kids ages 1 ½ to as old as 8. All over the world, kids naturally focus on these same, simple actions when they play. And, knowing about them can make it even easier (and sweeter) to support your child's playful learning. Learn more.

Visit our Spring Gear Guide for tips on what gear to get, how to manage the messy play unique to this marvelous season and how to keep kids (and you) happy outside all season long. 

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On March 18th, we launch our Spring Tinkergarten series, designed to nurture creativityTogether, we'll help kids develop the mindsets and strategies they can use throughout their lives to invent new things, solve problems, express their ideas and feelings, and to nurture relationships.

The nine core lessons follow a steady progression and are organized into three units:

  • In our Building Blocks unit, we focus on the "Three B's:" breaking, bending and blending. These are the three core thinking processes when we are creative.
  • In our Creative Thinking unit, we use pretending to explore divergent thinking and discover many possible solutions to various situations.
  • In our final Creative Expression unit, we explore how we can express ideas and feelings through art, music, and movement.

Learn more about this season's skill on our blog:

Want another super way to get geared up for our spring season? Boogie down at your own Animal Dance Party! Rock out to a special dance remix of Come to Tinkergarten and move and groove like our favorite creatures!

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Then, have fun watching or listening to our pre-season video read aloud, Abracadabra, It's Spring by Anne Sibley O'Brien—a beautiful celebration of how magical it can feel as the world around us switches from winter to spring!

Watch the Read Aloud

Share photos of your mixtures, dance party or other play in your Portfolio in My Tinkergarten or in our OutdoorsAll4 Facebook group, to inspire others, too!

This spring, our introductory activity takes a creative twist on one of our favorite play activities of all time—mixture making! In this activity, we welcome kids to turn any old ordinary jar into either a "Nature Nectar" or a "Nature Potion" jar. Please pick the context that fits your family, and enjoy the creative, sensory-stimulating and imaginative play! [Launches Monday, March 18th]

Start Dancing!

Nature Nectar

Animal Dance Party

Read Aloud