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This winter at Tinkergarten, kids will develop a skill we all need to thrive—persistence and grit. And they’ll do it by learning about and playing like Animal Superheroes! Each lesson features a different creature and uses their amazing powers for survival as a jumping off point for play and learning. 

In addition to weekly at home activities and resources for grown ups, families will receive a new Animal Superhero trading card after every lesson, complete with facts to learn and ways to play like that animal at home. Plus, we’ll all build in healthy, active outdoor time!

In their final live session, kids will also earn their one-of-a-kind Tinkergarten Persistence badge and be a big step of the way to earning all 8 of our Tinkergarten skill badges!

Read more about how young kids develop strong roots in persistence and grit through purposeful, outdoor play.

About the Animal Superheroes Curriculum

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About the Animal Superheroes Curriculum

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