Click below to download our printable Fall, 2022 Season Map that kids can use to track our 12 weeks of learning together. 

You can also scroll to read more about how this Fall's sweet learning program is designed. Then, join us!


12 Weeks of Learning

This Fall, we focus on Wellness—that combination of physical and emotional health kids need to thrive. Our Body, Mind & Heart lessons will give kids chances to move their bodies, take risks, cultivate calm, connect with nature, and practice gratitude, joy and kindness—all tools kids can use to be and stay well.

We'll also make homemade lanterns and prepare for our 10th annual national Lantern Walk—a beautiful community event designed to help us all embrace change and connect with nature and our community.

To kids, it's all pure fun! 

In their final live session, kids will also earn their one-of-a-kind Tinkergarten Wellness badge and be a big step of the way to earning all 8 of our Tinkergarten skill badges!

About the Body, Mind & Heart Curriculum

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How We Play Safely at Tinkergarten

After the last five successful and safe in-person seasons, we feel tremendous confidence in our overall approach to safety, and we continually update our processes and resources as needed to allow us to come together safely. Read more about our approach here:

All participants use our Pre-Tinkergarten Health Checklist that includes a check for symptoms of COVID to self assess.

Before Each Session

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Guided by the Leader, all participants follow an In-Class Safety Checklist with 6 simple strategies that enable us to play safely together!

During Each Session

View In-Class Checklist
Our Full Safety Approach

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We offer Tinkergarten Leader in two formats:

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