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Tinkergarten helps families get outside to make the most of their kids’ early learning years. Join us and get expert-led classes, weekly curriculum, and practical guidance to build outdoor play-based learning into your child’s weekly routine.

What is Tinkergarten?

Parenting is a wild business, full of funny moments we can all relate to. We'll keep teeing up short videos made to make you smile, laugh and maybe learn a little, too. Check out our latest short videos just for grown ups:

We get it. Messy mud play is not always a grown up's dream. No matter how you and your kids feel about mud, you can still get all the goodness. It's just a matter of finding out your way to do mud play. 

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It can be hard to figure out how to balance letting kids fall in love with nature and teaching them to protect it, but what could be more important for the future of our kids and our green spaces. We're hoping this helps—and makes you smile!

Have you ever noticed your child repeating a very particular -- and maybe even peculiar! -- behavior when they play? Though it might seem random to adults, this is actually common for kids ages 1 ½ to as old as 8. All over the world, kids naturally focus on these same, simple actions when they play. And, knowing about them can make it even easier (and sweeter) to support your child's playful learning. Learn more.

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2022 Winter Gear Guide

Check out this year's list of favorite, affordable gear and top tips for keeping kids (and us grownups playing outside all winter long!

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